Welcome Thanks for visiting our website artmichel.com.mx , We want your instance on the site to be of your interest and pleasure. Th...



Thanks for visiting our website artmichel.com.mx, We want your instance on the site to be of your interest and pleasure. This site is a space dedicated to sharing written, visual and sound content of common interest, focused on the Portafolio made by the Designer & Creative Director Art Michel. The content of this site is suitable for all audiences, there is no age restriction.

Terms of use

The intention of this website is to expose content with free difusion, you are free to share the website artmichel.com.mx on external websites or social networks. Its commercial or inappropriate use is strictly prohibited. For example, you should not evade or change the authorship of Art Michel, making it happen by yours or by some third party. You can only display and manipulate blog content; individuals or corporations that have participation, presence, or rights over the aforementioned content. These conditions of use do not give you the right to use brands, logos, graphics or writings displayed on our website. You should not use our interface or the contents in an inappropriate way. The services of the Blogger platform are owned by Google, its use is subject to the conditions of use issued by Google.

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The platform of this website is provided by the Blogger service owned by Google. The name Art Michel and the content within the interface of this website artmichel.com.mx is the intellectual property of the individual Angel Michel. This website does not collect personal information, nor does it aim to disclose private information. In the contact section, you can provide personal information, such as E-mail address, telephone number or name. This information will not be disclosed or public, we offer our responsibility to protect the information provided, according to the protection of the privacy of this website. Any abuse or alleged infraction on our website will be notified to the appropriate authorities for investigation.


The conditions of use may be subject to changes or updates. These conditions want to establish a good relationship between Art Michel's website and you, but they do not generate any right for the benefit of a third party.
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Last update: December 25, 2018.